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Technical Computer is a mobile computer repairing computers and removing viruses in Parma, Idaho. We fix Dell and HP computers that have viruses, adware, flash viruses, ransomeware and spyware. Our tech support has been in operation since 2002 cleaning computers, hosting and building websites that are mobile phone ready. Phone: 208-899-9419

Computer Repair Virus Removal Parma Idaho Technical Computer

Everyone gets attacked by hackers and ransomeware will shut you out of your computer or give you a black screen. We can fix it.

Computer Repair and Spyware Removal in Parma, Id

We clean out the bad programs and make your laptop or desktop computers run faster. We also check the fans to make sure they are cooling properly.

Black Screen Problem on Computer in Parma, Id

Black screen may mean that you caught a virus, the operating system or user info is corrupt. We remove bad programs and make your computer run faster. We also check the processor to make sure it is not over worked.

Telehealth Computer Set up Service

We can help set up your computer for your next telehealth appointment. Telemedicine has changed the way we see doctors now with a computer or cell phone. These virtual visits save time and gas needed to get to a face to face doctors appointment.

Old Fort Boise Replica Located in Parma, ID

There is a lot of fun to be had during Old Fort Boise Days. Take a look at their website for the calendar of events.

Parma Has So Many Onion Sheds

Champion Onions is one of many sheds and suppliers of the worlds finest onions.

Home to Parma Furniture

Parma Furniture has been selling furniture and appliances for decades and with great service and free delivery, how could you go wrong.